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My works on/for Tcl language

Tcl (see http://www.tcl.tk is very handy programming language. One of it's best features is easy extensibility.

During last decade I've written some things on it (or C extensions for it) which some people find useful.

Balloon help aka tooltips
Pop-up balloons for Tk widgets
Testing random number generator
Perfoms FIPS-140 test on the file/device with random bytes
FUBar - Alternate taskbar for FVWM
Fully scriptable desktop top bar with many integrated features
Measure Screen DPI
Modem status monitor for Linux
Script which sits in the corner of X desktop (even if no one is logged in) and shows if modem is used
modemtcl - Tcl interpreter with modem access
This is suid/sgid Tcl interpeter which can access modem and do proper UUCP-style locking
Windows Network Neighbourhood on Tcl
Dos (DJGPP) port of Tcl 8.5
Port of Tcl to MS-DOS with Ck UI toolkit
Tcl Fvwm interface
Pure Tcl module to write fvwm modules on Tcl
Tcl extension to interface Unix syslog facility
Improved TCOM extension
TCOM tcl extension which do not depend of external DLL's and have improved error reporting
Textprops package
Right-click menus for text and entry Tk widgets
Unix help extension for Tk
Viewer for compressed html help files, which can be build from same sources as Microsoft CHM files
UCAT - universal encoding converter
Command line cat-like tool which converts encodings
Extended Split command for Tcl
Split the string on arbitrary regular expression