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dvi2tty hacked for support T2 encoding

Since introduction of T2 encoding in the babel package work with TeX became much more joyful. But, alas, not all existing tools able to display Russian text properly. Most important one is dvi2tty. Obvoisly it cannot use TeX fonts, becouse it has to output plain text, so it outputs in in T2, and almost no display uses this encoding. (to be precise, T2 is not equial to cp1251).

So, I made a quick hack adding recoding into dvi2tty. It is not very universal and it doesn't determine source encoding from dvi. Target encoding is equial to encoding of source file recode.c. Just recode it so you can read russian letters properly on the display, where you are planning to use dvi2tty, and compile.

Tested under Linux and MS-DOS.

Sources are provided in koi8-r

No proper patch is supplied, but .orig files are kept in the archive. Do a proper patch if you have time and send me.