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Windows Network Neighbourhood on Tcl

This package provides access to lists of network resources in Microsoft Windows (aka SMB) networks. It provides single command net which has subcommands
net domains
lists domains or workgroups in the network
net computers domain
list computers in given domain/workgroup
net shares computer ?print?
list shares on the given computer. By default, lists disks. Optionally, can lists printers if "print" is specified as second argument
net glob //computer/share/path
does roughly same as builtin glob command, but with network path. (currently only last component of path may contain wildcards and it shouldn't be share name.
Under Unix (where smbnet is implemented via exec smbclient) you might need to set environment variable USER to username%password in order to get access to the share.

Missing features

  • net stat file or at least ability to distinguish between files and directories