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Russian layout for xvkbd

xvkbd is a piece of software useful for keyboard-less computers such as PDA or web-tablets. It includes layouts for some languages, but no Russian among them. But xvkbd is highly customizable via X resources

So, I've written my own keyboard layout for xvkbd. Download XVkbd-russian file and use it as described in xvkbd manual.

It is recommended to turn on "Lock AltGr" menu option in xvkbd (I've found no way to turn it on from resource file, but xvkbd would remember your settings).

This file assumes that xvkbd is running with ru_RU.KOI8-R locale. If you want to run it in different locale, just recode filename and fix font charset in the first lines of file. Note version of xvkbd provided in Debian stable (2.6) is not able to display Cyrillic key lables correctly if they are UTF-8. So, don't run xvkbd in ru_RU.UTF-8 locale, even if rest of your X application use that locale. This layout produce correct X keysyms, so cyrillic letters would be entered properly even if xvkbd and application run in different locales.